Reasons to use LLMO

  1. Removes Algae as quickly as 2 weeks
  2. Improves water quality – reduces N & P
  3. Improves wildlife habitat
  4. Reduces odor from lakes and ponds
  5. Increases water clarity
  6. Cannot possibly be detrimental to turf
  7. Decomposes sludge (bottom sediments)
  8. Increases dissolved oxygen
  9. Eliminates chance of fish kills
  10. Decreases pathogenic bacteria
  11. Is not regulated by EPA because it is not considered a pesticide
  12. All bacteria in LLMO is considered safe (Class 1 by American Type Culture Collection) in schools and classrooms
  13. Enhances public awareness programs
  14. Reduces BOD in water bodies

Business Value Proposition

The LLMO System is truly designed for our environmentally conscious customers

Highest Yield Content

The LLMO System provides the highest yield content of microbes in the industry.  This high yield content compared to other products in their powdered form allows for a more economical cost basis using our product as well as a far superior result in less time.  Overall, the LLMO System is the fastest, safest product on the market today.

Environmentally Sensitive

Water treated with the LLMO System can be used to irrigate the fairways without the danger of damaging the grass or other plant life.  The normally desired aquaculture remains safe and will continue to thrive.

Increased Productivity of Manpower

LLMO was designed to be easily set up on-site for the  personnel to be able to incubate and apply the product into the water. The once a week or bi-weekly treatments are done instead of spreading chemicals and pesticides in and around the bodies of water. Everyone wins with this application including Mother Nature.

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